Get Out of Your Creative Rut!
Get "unstuck" and release your creative energy so you can create your best work.
Every Creative Needs a Little Help...

Dear Creative,

Hi, I'm Allison. 

I'm a writer. 

I've been a writer my entire life. 

I write flash fiction (complete stories in less than a thousand words) and have published two collections of these stories (both of which you can find on Amazon).

I'm a pretty good writer, if I do say so myself. 

But a few years ago, I discovered something that helps me feel like I’m in a much more creative space both mentally and

I'm not gonna lie, yoga didn't completely change my life. 

BUT, what I started to notice when I began practicing regularly was that I started writing more. 

Looking back, the years since I started doing yoga have been some of the most creatively productive years of my life. 

I am not saying it's ALL BECAUSE OF YOGA, but that is a mighty big coincidence. 

Yoga helped me feel more confident, more creative, and more ready to take on life's challenges. 

In so many small ways, yoga has helped me become a better person and a better writer. Once I realized this, I wondered...why don't more creatives do this!?

That's when, "Boom, Shaka Chakra; Using Yoga to Become a More Creative You," was born. 

This is a book by a creative for creatives. 

It's for anyone who feels like they're in a creative rut and wants to get out. It's for anyone who wants to challenge their creative energy, no matter their outlet. 

Basically, it's for you, even if you've never done yoga before

(But, what's up with the name...?)

Boom! Shaka Chakra...
Chakras, the ancient & enduring creativity boost. 
For thousands of years, gurus have known the power of Chakras & their impact on mind, body, and spirit.

These energy points in our body have a tremendous impact on how we feel...and how much we CREATE

When different chakras are blocked, we end up feeling..."off" or "stuck"

Sound familiar?

The poses in this book are poses that stimulate your Sacral Chakra - the ball of energy in your body that impacts your creativity and your passion.

In this book, I share the poses which helped unlock my creativity. 

Now, I'm sharing them, so you can unlock your creative energy and become A MORE CREATIVE YOU!

Best of all, you don't need to be a 'yogi' or have had any prior experience in yoga to be able to do these poses. They're made for EVERYONE.

In this 44-page book geared toward creatives, you'll get...

Chakra introduction

Learn what chakras are & meet your creative chakra. 

A "how-to" list of poses 

Visual, step-by-step instructions that show you how to stimulate the creative chakra. No yoga experience required.

Meditation introduction

Learn how meditation can stimulate creativity and get a routine to help you get started.

Creative prompts

After you unlock your creativity, use these prompts to create something great!

Does Yoga Really Make Me a Better Writer?
These people seem to think I'm pretty good...

Why This Book? Why Now?

~2020 took a toll. Whether you want to be creative or just release anxiety, yoga can help

~ I'm JUST LIKE YOU. I'm a creative trying to harness creativity and hold on to it!

~ I worked with a certified yoga instructor to write this book 

~ When you grab the book, you get WAAY more than just the book

~Just keep reading...
When you download "Boom Shaka Chakra: Using Yoga To Become a More Creative You," you'll also get these goodies FOR FREE!!
  A ONE-PAGE PDF of ALL the poses mentioned in the book, which you can print & use to do the poses on your own
  A "Boost Your Creativity" Worksheet to harness all the creative ideas that will start flowing 
  Poses are great, but putting them into a flow skyrockets the results. Receive an audio recording of the Creativity Boosting Yoga Flow that I created (and that I use to stay creative and create consistently). Follow along with a certified yoga instructor as we go through the flow together. 
All For just $6.99
I AM READY to Go Forth and Create! Let's get this book!
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Everything You're Going To Get Today
  • The book, "Boom, Shaka Chakra: Using Yoga to Become a More Creative You," designed to unlock creativity through yoga - even if you don't have any experience with yoga. 
  • A printable, one-page PDF of ALL the poses mentioned that you can use to practice on your own
  • The "Boost Your Creativity" Worksheet to capture your creativity
  • ​An audio recording of the creative boosting yoga flow designed to unlock your creativity
For Just $6.99

ONE TIME OFFER - Only $37: Led by a certified yoga instructor, this video goes through each of the poses described in the book in great detail, breaking them down so you can learn how to do them safely, step-by-step.

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